The Tower

1034 S. Brentwood Blvd.

Suite 1520

St. Louis, MO 63117

P:  314.863.1520

F:  314.863.5183

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"Moritz Reusch jewelry is a tiny store on the 15th floor of University Tower across from the Galleria mall. It is a very relaxed atmosphere and John was great to work with. We purchased my engagement ring, wedding band and husband's wedding band from Moritz Reusch. The rings are beautiful and we get constant compliments. The rings we purchased were appraised significantly higher than what we paid for them. We were having a hard time ring shopping because everyone was so pushy and phony, but when we walked in we got to sit down and have rings brought to us to look at. John put no pressure on us and even talked me out of a ring that cost $3000 more than the one I got. The ring had rose gold and pink diamonds and he helped me realize that might not go with all my outfits. He is honest and the staff is great to work with. The entire experience was comfortable and relaxed. I think any jewelry store that can have my husband leaving happy is a great thing. We will be lifelong customers."  -AJP


"This jeweler is by far the best in St. Louis. Our rings are gorgeous, and the staff is always wonderful to work with. Every time we go in, the jewelers always make sure to polish our rings for us. This is a personal setting for a jeweler, and they do not pressure you into buying. When my husband went to go pick out my engagement ring, John sat down with him and went through bands and diamonds, allowing him to personally pick the band and diamond. I love my rings, and the experience we had working with John and Dan."  - Rebecca


"Our wedding bands and the engagement ring all came from Moritz Reusch. My husband had a wonderful experience picking out the engagement ring. He didn't know anything about diamonds, and they walked him through it and gave him all the information he needed to decide. We went back to look at wedding bands a couple of times, and they were always wonderful to work with and so helpful. Once we picked out bands, they got them for us so fast! Before the wedding they cleaned my engagement ring and made it look brand new. They also quick clean my rings anytime I go by! My husband and I will be using MR for big jewelry purchases for a long time!"  -Jaime


"Kate at Moritz-Reusch was extremely helpful. She assisted with my custom band, soldering of two bands, jewelry cleaning, rhodium plating, and appraisals. She worked with me via email and regular mail since I was stationed overseas. Thanks to Kate and Moritz-Reusch my jewelry ended up gorgeous!! They do amazing quality work at reasonable prices."-  Katie


"Stacy was my go-to gal for all my wedding jewelry. She helped pick out my engagement/wedding bands, bridesmaid jewelry and my wedding day jewelry. Their quality and prices cannot be beat. Thank you Stacy!" - JK


"John Reusch provides high quality jewelry with a standard of service that is beyond expectations. My husband will not buy jewelry from any one else. When my husband bought my engagement ring, he told John what he wanted and John found for him a stone and a setting that he had acquired the year before. Although the value of both the stone and the setting had increased significantly, he sold them for their value at the time he acquired them, which was nearl $3000 less than their value at the time of purchase."  -Alyssa