Moritz-Reusch Jewelry, Inc.

Buying diamonds on the Internet can be risky. Do you know who you are dealing with? Will there be anyone to answer your questions or discuss any problems you may have? Most importantly, who will set your diamond and provide service for your jewelry in the future?

Every diamond has its own unique characteristics that simply cannot be explained on paper – characteristics such as proportions, transparency, fluorescence, and placement of imperfections. It is important to personally view a diamond with a trained professional.

There are no “bargain” diamonds. There are only diamonds of different clarity, color, weight, brilliance, and cut – all of which are reflected in the price.

As an professional jewelers, it is our responsibility – and our privilege! – to educate you and to provide you with exceptional quality.

At Moritz-Reusch Jewelers, we are committed to offering our customers a superior product, a great price, and attentive personal service – before, during, and after the sale.