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Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry offers you beauty that lasts a lifetime. It represents your personal statement of style. At Moritz-Reusch Jewelers, buying jewelry is fun and exciting, and our goal is to make your experience one that you’ll remember.

Moritz-Reusch offers only fine, well-made pieces that are durable and retain their beauty over time. Be aware of bargain jewelry and heavily discounted items. Is it a bargain if it keeps falling apart and is in need of constant repair? Or if the diamond is constantly dirty and dull, instead of sparkling and fiery?

How we met

What constitutes fine jewelry?

Here are just a few of the guidelines:
  • Weight of entire piece of jewelry – Is it weighty and substantial or thin or flimsy?
  • Finish & Polish – Are there pits in the gold? Is the finish sloppy or dull?
  • Diamond Quality – Do the diamonds sparkle? Are they cut too deep or shallow?
  • Colored Gemstone Quality – Do the stones look dull and lifeless or lack color saturation?
  • Stone Setting – Do the prongs look even or irregular? Do they snag?
How we met