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Moritz-Reusch Jewelers carries an impressive selection of fine pearls and pearl jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious strand of cultured pearls or pearl stud earrings, you’ll be delighted by your choices.

 If you’re not sure how to purchase pearls – or simply don’t know what types of pearls are available in today’s market, we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and familiarize you with these exquisite symbols of purity, perfection, elegance, and affluence.

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What's the difference between ‘natural’ & ‘cultured’ pearls?

A natural pearl is formed when an irritant accidentally lodges within the body of an oyster. The oyster reacts by depositing concentric layers of a crystalline substance called “nacre” around the irritant, creating a pearl. Cultured pearls are formed in the same manner, but the “nacre” is deposited around an irritant placed in the oyster’s body by man.

Types of Pearls

Akoya South Sea
Burmese Mabe
Biwa Fresh Water
Keshi Baroque

What determines the value of a pearl?

Numerous factors determine the value of a pearl, including luster, nacre thickness, orient, size, shape, color and surface blemishes. Each pearl is almost as unique as a diamond, and all pearls in a strand should blend well together, particularly with regard to luster, orient, and color. Pearl strands range from choker length opera length, and Moritz-Reusch will help you determine what length is best for you. Or we’ll be happy to customize any length you desire.

How we met